Lasfit vs opt7 led headlight bulb

December 22, 2016LED headlights Standard

Hey welcome to another episode of the our car Muslims often today I’ll be doing a LED headlight part of comparison on the left I have the off 7 flux beam LED headlights on my right I have the last city to live in right off 7 is rated at 40 watts per bulb at 3500 lumen so 7000 percent. Last fed right here is rated at 36 watts per bulb at 3800 lumen so you’re getting 7600 lumen percent.

Both led light bulbs is 6000K Dolph 7 uses a Cree LED. Wall the last fed uses Philips LED now both LED comes with the LED found in the bottom Dolph 7 is rated a 7000 RPM while the last bit is rated at 9000 RPM they both come with 2 year warranty One of the difference between the Hoff 7 and lasted. Is the off 7 you need to install a separate external led light bulbs driver while the last bit does not have a externally the driver it is built into the pope assembly and so this is all you get for the last 8 years have to connect this and that’s it while. Dolph 7. You do have a separate LED drivers that you need to connect right here and then you will go ahead and connect your stock wire harness to this. So connecting this is pretty simple.

Business lined up and that’s it. Now if I put them side to side the last bit is a little bit taller compared to die off 7. However the last fit is. Diameter wise. Smaller compared to. The off 7. You can see and the line right here. The sleep. Wall of 7 it is not. And everything is meadow same thing this is metal appear. This is plastic same and metal down here the O. ring this one is a little bit thicker compared to the off 7. Right here is off 7 light output against the law the light output is about a car and I have to the left and to the right. And here is the cut off against the wall from the front. Alright so here’s the last fed H11 LED headlight. Wall sought. It’s about 2 car lengths to the left into calling to the right.