How dangerous is to ride on gas?

September 15, 2016Ride on gas Standard

ride gas carNow the technique, of course, has moved forward. Modern electronic gas balloon equipment for car has a gas leak detectors and fire, the pressure relief system in the accident and fire extinguishing system. In the design of cylinders special laminates and honeycomb fillers are used that reduce the risk of explosion. According to the manufacturer, now the cars with GBE are not more dangerous than gasoline ones.

However, the car with gas equipment, especially in an emergency, has a greater risk of fire and explosion.
As better seal is in valves, valve, highways, reducer-evaporator and mixer – so less exhaust is. Modern serviceable systems almost don’t spread smell. But still, in the trunk, where there is a tank, or under the hood, more or less, but it always smells.

The main system components – the cylinder, gearbox, electronics – by themselves are as much as, for example, cylinder head. But the various gaskets and seal valves, connections in highways should be changed at least once in 2-3 years, and possibly more often.